"The ability of writers is to imagine what is not the self, to familiarize the strange and to mystify the familiar is the test of their power."  ~Toni Morisson, American Novelist 
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CHello and welcome to Mahogany SilverRain's  website.  Mahogany is a writer of interracial and multicultural paranormal romance and erotica.



What happens when you leave everything you know behind for the man you love? 

 Nefari, an  African princess, discovers this for herself when she falls in love with a foreign king, Raja Tanji Ranjit Singh of Sharavati, India and leaves her family behind in West Africa to become India's first black rani or queen. She has a tough time with the language and the people, who are angry with the king for making this foreign woman their queen. The biggest threat she faces is from the king's younger brother, Sanji, who secretly plots against them.  Will he succeed in overthrowing the king and his new bride? 

Will it be love or duty? 

Annika, an Indian princess in the small province of Sharavati, India is living a wonderful life full of adventure and riches.  That is until a declaration of war from a neighboring province with a vast army causes her father, King Tanji, to seek support from the High King, the Maharaja of Rajasthan.  The Maharaja, having heard of the exotic looking princess Annika, asks for her hand in marriage in exchange for lending his support to the king.  The king agrees since no other offers of marriage have come for his daughter, who is part African, and feels this would be in their kingdom’s best interest as well as Annika’s, who could become India’s first Black Maharini.  However, Annika is in love with her childhood playmate, Ramai, who is now captain of her father’s palace guards.  Will she defy her father, risking treason for Ramai and herself or will she marry the Maharaja to save her father’s kingdom?

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Mystery, crime, and romance...

Tell Me You Love Me

Special Agent Kenya Clark is a Voodoo priestess and a Seer who works for the preternatural unit of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.  Her ability to touch an object in a crime scene and then see the events unfold through the eyes of the victims makes her a valuable asset to the GBI on supernatural cases.  However, when a triple homicide occurs in Atlanta where all three victims are male and their bodies drained of all fluids like a well-preserved mummy, Kenya only views the crime scenes through the eyes of the killer.  Special Agent Darrin Selinsky, a man who is opposed to all things supernatural, joins Kenya on this case.  Can they put their differences aside and work together to discover her connection to the killer in time to prevent any more killings? 
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Reader Review:

"Myra and Kentaro are passionate, interesting characters who are likeable and breathe life into Sake and Pumpkin Pie.  Their attraction is as invigorating and spicy as the Japanese libation and down home dessert featured in the title.  The author does a splendid job in crafting a background for Myra and merges it nicely with Ken’s mystical history." ~ Joyfully Reviewed

Reader Review:

"Imani’s Gift was a quick, joyous read filled with compassion, passion and a mysterious undertone that hopefully will be a great introduction of what’s more to come."~ Joyfully Reviewed
Reader Review:

 "An interesting hard luck tale of sex and action. A great read!" ~ Becca King
5 Star Amazon rating!

Reader Review:xt.

"A pleasing story!  I found the characters solid and quite likable. Joseph and Kendra make a lovely couple. I really enjoyed this story." 
4 star Amazon rating!

Reader Review:

"Glad I ordered it. It was a love story of how a man and woman were drawn together by forces out of their control. The man's need to be with this woman changed his prospective on the property he sold into slavery into the realization that these were human beings such as himself. " ~Q
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Reader Reviews:

"Amazing story. I loved it. Very detailed and easy to picture." ~Aislynne

 "Explosive!!!!!! I enjoyed every moment of it and others will too. Thank you for an amazing book!" ~Q - goodreads.com 

Reader Review:

"A delightful and engrossing read, once more Ms. Silverrain masterfully mixes elements of fantasy and the paranormal into an enthralling cross-cultural and interracial romance." ~ Marie Keith-Winters
Reader Review:

"A great historical short story with a fascinating erotic love scene. I truly enjoyed it! "~ Becca King

"It should be a novel, I wanted more!"- Q