"Well written short story by Mahogany SilverRain, NAAMAH: A SUCCUBUS TALE.  This sex tale had an interesting concept that stayed true to the end without giving into the cliches and pitfalls that can often occur in short stories like this.   I enjoyed reading Ms. SilverRain’s turn on the old Christian Mythos of Angels and Daemons with a nod and acknowledgement to the Lilith fable, which I have always found to be a fun story in and of itself. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fast read with a bit of sex and action."

I’ll tell you a story that is beyond belief, a tale of woe and defeat.  Things you can only imagine in your wildest dreams exist for real, of honest means. Before man and before time, there were only us, the angel and the demon kind…


He slept soundly, shirtless with the covers coming up only to his waist.  I assume he is not wearing pants beneath those covers, his chest rising and falling with every breath, his nipples the size of tiny pebbles, pink and round.  He stirs as I sit down on the bed next to him but does not awake right away.   
     My appearance now is that of a human woman with strawberry blonde hair and steel gray eyes with flecks of blue.  My skin is slightly sun kissed, unusual for this area, but I just didn’t want to appear too pale.  The white night shirt I’m wearing is actually one of his, it rests just above my knees, I’m naked underneath and you can see my nipples through the thin material.  My hair is down, softly tussled about my shoulders.
     He opens his eyes.  They are cerulean blue and sparkle like gems of the highest quality.  He stares curiously at me, unmoving.  I gaze into his eyes, though different, they seem familiar to me.  
“Have you come to steal something my dear?”
“Yes, your seed,” I hissed only half joking, not that he actually heard or understood what I said.   
He places his hands behind his neck and stares as if he is sizing me up or perhaps trying to discern if he is dreaming or not.  
“You look very much like a woman I used to know, Marie Laurette.  But you cannot be her, she has long since passed.”
It’s true.  I have appeared to him in the form most pleasing to him, the last woman he cared for in this lifetime.
“I have missed you so Jacques.”
     He is not so sure he believes me, or at least that’s the way it seems.  He decides, after a moment or two that this is a dream. “It has been twenty years, why do you visit my dreams now?”
“These are troubled times for you and your order monsieur, I have come to give you respite in my arms.”  I reach for him lovingly but he sits up abruptly, moving away from my touch.
“And what do you know of my order Marie?”
“Shhh…let us not speak of it Jacques.  Come, let me hold you.”
A tear falls from his blue eyes.  “I am to die soon I think, that is why you are here?”
Mon Dieu, does it matter Jacques?  Must you always be so serious?  Will you turn away from me now to speak of such things?”
He shook his head.  “Mais non, I regret never telling you how I felt about you before you died.  I loved you, but was too afraid you would spurn my affections.”
“Tell me now Jacques, release your regret and pain.”  I slip off the night shirt and he marvels at my naked flesh, but still fights to resist me.
“Ah Marie…I…I cannot do this…for so long, I’ve wanted you.  I wanted to marry you, but I…”
“Hush now Jacques,” I hug him to me, burying his face in my lovely breasts.  He cried in earnest, holding onto my waist.  Most men would have been kissing me by now, throbbing madly with the desire to enter my waiting body, but not this one.   
“Love me now Jacques as you would have then,” I whisper to him.
Ma petite Marie,” he cried.  “Do you love me?  All that time we spent together.… never said… never even looked at me.”
     Well, this is interesting, unrequited love?  I get it now, he loved her, but she never gave him the time of day.  Here is his opportunity to have her and yet he holds back to talk of love?  What strange man is this?  It felt oddly familiar.  Then suddenly it hit me, Eli.  He resisted me as a shepherd long ago, could this be his soul again?  I wasn’t sure until he spoke once more.
“I still love you Marie, but I will not deflower you, though tempted as I am, even if you are a ghost.  I am an honorable man and so I should behave.”
Eli!  Is it possible?  It has to be, he was the only one ever to resist me, a sex demon.  I look deeply into his eyes before laying him back against the bed, kissing him, long and hard.  The kiss makes me weak and fire ignites in my belly.  I have my answer.
He withdrew from my kiss.  “I…I know you don’t I?  I have not felt this for such a long time…”  He blinked as he held me at arm’s length.  He looked deep into my eyes.   I sat unmoving over him, willing him to remember.  
“You don’t look the same, and yet I know those eyes, that kiss…no…it couldn’t be…Naamah?”
     A scintillating smile curled on my lips as I bent down to kiss him once more.  The kiss enflamed both of us and he pushed me back to look at me again.  I'd shifted into the form he once knew as Naamah while we kissed.
“Naamah, it is you…I don’t understand,” he blinked as memories of our first night together  a century ago, flooded his mind.  
     I throw my head back in laughter.  He sat up and pulled me to him as he licks my nipples hungrily.  Then he began to suck one of them as I pulled his hair, kissing the top of his balding head.  He no longer cared what strange dream this was, only that I was the woman he loved and lost in another lifetime.  He stopped only to lift me up with a strength he didn’t realize he possessed and threw me onto my back against the bed.  
     Tears of joy spilled from his cheeks as I whispered his name,  "Eli."  His breath is hot against my skin as his body fills with need and desire.  His hardness throbbed as it rose between his legs.  His hands wonderfully explored my body, the body of the mahogany skinned woman he once knew.  

A Novel

Reader Review:

"A unique and entertaining tale featuring strong women and handsome men of a variety of races and fantasy or mythical origins. This story contains strong elements of fantasy, romance, and erotica. I really enjoyed it." ~Marie Keith-Winters

E-book and hardcover also available.

The continuing story of Dominique LeRoy from LOVE BYTES: A VAMPIRE TALE

In New Orleans, a city filled with Voodoo, witchcraft, and creatures of the night, lives the only telepathic, day walking vampire in existence…born to a Voodoo priestess slave and a plantation owner under a blood moon. With the death of her century long vampire mate, she becomes the most sought after prize by every power hungry vampire in the country.  With the combined powers of Dominique and her alliances with the wereleopards and magical community, she poses a threat to the vampire council and unless she turns the wizard into a vampire to prove her loyalty, they both will be marked for death.  


“Ya truly are special Dominique,” he speaks softly as he pulls her into a deep kiss.  
     She wraps her arms around him, sliding her hands under his t-shirt to caress his bare skin.  She pull his shirt off as she moves away from the kiss to explore his bare chest with her tongue and hands.  His skin looks deliciously sun-kissed.  She pushes him back on the couch as she continues her assault of kisses.  His body jerks in spasms as she bites his nipple, sucking and licking the small wound.
     Jason lets her take full control.  It's what she needs the most right now and though he wants to take her,  he lets her set the pace.  He relishes the sensations that run through his body.  Her mouth seems to everywhere at once.  She even slipped off his pants, only  he couldn't  remember when exactly she'd  done it.  Lost in a sea of pleasure as the warm moistness of her mouth on his smooth hardness forced a sound from him, a cross between a purr and a growl.  A sound that she cherished, knowing he was hers and hers alone.  She pulls his manhood deep into her mouth before pulling back slowly, sucking hard till she reached the tip.  He arches his hips toward her giving a deeply sated purr.           She continued to worship his throbbing member as  she made her tongue wide and firm then starting at the base of his sac, she slowly licked all the way up his fleshy spear taking just the tip in and out of her mouth with great skill and care.  
“Sweet mercy Chere,” he moans. 
She couldn't help hearing his thoughts at the moment, they are just as delicious as he was.  
He suddenly wanted to taste her, the scent of her arousal growing stronger by the second.  He wanted to be inside her, making her his again.  He truly missed her touch, her body and her sweet, passionate kisses.  She didn’t need to read his thoughts to know this as his response was evidence enough.  
     As soon as she pulled back, he pounced on her with lightning speed, quickly unzipping her corset top, yanking it off,  exposing her beautiful breasts and dark nipples.  Unable to resist any longer, he  goes back and forth between the two  breasts, licking and sucking, driving her insane with desire.  She grabs his curly blonde hair urging him to move lower.  He purposely continues to tease and slowly make his way, licking as he goes. 
Not so fast ma chereHe thought to himself.      
     It had been too long and now he wanted to take his time.  He gingerly  slid her boots off, then her leather pants and lastly, her lace panties.  He made his way, teasingly licking along her inner thighs till he reached the throbbing space between her legs where he began to ravish her with his tongue, bringing her to orgasm screaming and writhing as her essence flowed.  She pushed upward with her pelvis to give him more access.          Intoxicated with her juices and his own desire, he quickly climbs the length of her body, seeking her soft entrance with the hardest part of his body.  His eyes flash a golden yellow, no longer the eyes of a human.  
     She cries out with the first thrust, her nails growing longer and she used them to dig into his back as he drives deeper still inside her.  He growls deeply with pleasure and she along with him.  His strength, speed and endurance make her growl turn to a roar.  The roar turns to a moan, as it grew deeper, it becomes almost a low growling sound as she calls his name.  She pushes up and they change positions as Jason sits back pulling her onto his lap, where she  quickly wraps her legs  snugly around his waist.  He bites her shoulder and she climaxes once more as he hungrily drinks her blood.  It is just as sweet to him as the essence he drank from between her legs.  He moves slowly up her neck, licking the last drops of blood from her already healing shoulder wound.  He reached her lips and kisses her deeply as the sweet metallic taste of her blood and the heavy scent of her essence flowed between them, arousing them all the more.  
Her thirst for blood grew after tasting her own and she withdrew from the kiss, “my turn,” she whispered her voice rough with hunger.  
She bit into his neck, clamping over the wound as they climax together for the final time.  
     She loved being with Jason.  He is the only lover that she doesn’t have to hold back with.  She was part of Jason and he was part of her.  The exchange of blood, something  she couldn’t have with Azazel.   Though sex with him is incredible,  he is a wizard and still mostly human and wanting to stay that way.  As for Asmodeus, while  a very sensual lover, he wanted more than she was willing to give him.  Exchanging blood with him would seal him to her and she wasn't sure she wanted that.  
     Being with Jason gave her such an exquisite thrill, absolute freedom and abandon.  It reminded her of what she had with Henri, the first man she ever loved, though he had been a  vampire and Jason is a wereleopard.

     Jason is perfect in this moment as he asks nothing of her and she is free to be herself.  His desire for her knew no bounds and he took such pleasure in being with her that it heightened her desire for him even more.  
As she licked his wound clean, he nuzzled her neck and purred his deepest purr ever. 
“If dis da kinda reunion I get, I should go way moe offen! A man could get used to dis!” he teased.
“No, I miss you too much when you are away,” she laughed playfully and hugged him tight.  She'd missed him as much as he missed her.
He cradles her in his arms as he lightly stroked her hair and gently kissed her forehead.  They cling to each other for dear life as they begin to breathe in unison, their heartbeats as well.  She rested against him feeling safe, warm and happy.  She shielded her thoughts so Jason couldn't hear them.  
     He was her lover, confidant, guardian, and friend.  She would have to deal with the vampire council, Asmodeus and Azazel soon enough.  For now, she is content to lie in the arms of Jason.    
She'd known Asmodeus, a vampire, for over a century, only meeting Jason a year ago and now Azazel, her half human wizard.   She loved all three of them.  But what she felt for Jason, her wereleopard lover, is deeper than even she originally anticipated.  She feared she loved him more than the other two and it didn't seem fair, but she would keep this to herself.  Besides, what they didn't know couldn't hurt them, right?
     The only problem being  she has to choose a vampire mate.  According to the vampire council, she must choose or die.  If Azazel doesn’t want to be a vampire, would he agree with her choosing a vampire mate and keeping him as a lover?  Somehow, she didn’t see that happening.  Vampires have no qualms about sharing and neither do shifters, but Azazel is half human and what she knew of human males, well, most weren’t known for sharing their wives or girlfriends.  Wars have been fought over such things, Helen of Troy came to mind.
At times, both Asmodeus and Jason could be possessive with her, but that was only with each other.  She decided to rest for now, trying to make up her mind right this minute would be out of the question. 
      She nestled closer to Jason and relaxed by lightly stroking his chest, listening to his thoughts.  Would they mirror her own?     

In The Works:




PASSION'S PRIDE: A trilogy of shape-shifting erotic tales.

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Released December 2008 

"A Trilogy of Erotic Tales is composed of three hot and erotic stories. Each tale is very different, the only similarity being the interracial partners. From vampires, to a law firm, to a restaurant, Mahogany SilverRain has created a truly fun erotic anthology that anyone will find quite stimulating. " ~  Bonnie-Lass, Coffeetime Romance Reviewer 

The trilogy includes LOVE BYTES: A VAMPIRE TALE:  

Dominique Etienne LeRoy is a vampire looking for love in the personals. She is immediately attracted to the online profile of Richard Montague, who also happens to be a wizard with a prejudice against vampires. When Dominique and Richard meet, they are instantly drawn to each other, but can Richard put aside his hatred for vampires, to love the person Dominique is inside?

Next is a  sexy May/December office affair in Atlanta with THE UNEXPECTED MENTOR?:

tKyle Boyer has just landed a position in a prestigious law firm. When he is assigned to clerk for Ms. Henderson, he is both excited and nervous. He finds her extremely attractive, but her reputation as the “dragon lady” may present an obstacle. To his surprise, Ms. Henderson presents Kyle with an offer he cannot refuse and things quickly heat up between Kyle and his boss. 

And last but least, a decadent treat in Lyon, France with CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE:

Gabrielle St. John is traveling from her home in Atlanta to apprentice with a prestigious chef in France. Once there, the chef, Jacques Bocuse, is very curt with her, leaving her feeling inadequate and homesick. However, after certain food-flinging activities turn lascivious, the two soon cannot get enough of each other.

E-book available
Erotic E-Books also available in kindle and e-pub on
Mocha's Review of Naamah: A Succubus Tale: